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Friday, March 26, 2010

Baking Challenge #4 continued: Catering for the grown-ups

Inspired by the Babycakes cupcakes I bought during the Harvest's Picnic @ Hanging Rock last month, I decided to make vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting. as plain as it sounds (I'm not a vanilla fan lol) It was delicious!

there was no strawberry frosting in my cookbook. But that didn't bother me as I can just use the the frosting recipe and replace the flavours.

I was also being simple... also I'm not very creative at making fancy decorations so I just chopped the chocolate into triangles. Omg i bought the wrong type of chocolate (85% instead of 70% cocoa). A bit too bitter for my liking but it was easily forgiven with the strawberry sensation. *phew* They were enjoyed by everyone.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Baking Challenge #4: Yoshi Cupcakes

I've been too busy with uni work that I haven't had time to bake stuff. I was supposed to make a cake but I had other things to do.

But my nephew's bday was coming up real soon, and he's having a party. and I wanted to make him a surprise cos he loves Yoshi! (he stole my yoshi plushie I had a few years ago)

I was time poor so I bought frosting from the supermarket. it was sort of like whipped cream but it tasted horrible! I'm not buying that again. I just used that to glue the Yoshi to the cupcakes. yes.. the still popular choc cupcakes